Dear St John's Baptist Church Family,

We hope you are well in the new year of 2018! On Sunday April 15th, we will hold a Heritage Reunion Day service at our church at 10:30 a.m.  This service will include an inspirational message from our pastor, David M. Powles, special music, and will be followed by a catered lunch in the chapel, provided by·Marco Lentini and his staff from Gia Pronto.

During this service, we will celebrate the long, rich heritage of our church through the years.  We will hold a "Roll Call" and go around the church one by one, and ask those in attendance to simply mention one (or more) persons who have since gone to Glory, but who made a significant contribution to the church, either by being a loved member, attendee, mother, father, spouse, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, daughter, son, or simply a friend of the church.

We hope and pray that you will be there too - not only to honor our loved ones but also to celebrate our church's long history in the community and to reconnect with one another.  We could use your help by spreading the word of this special day to those we may not be able to reach.  We are requesting an RSVP by Easter Sunday (April 1st) so that Marco and his staff will know how many to prepare for. 

We hope to see ALL of you on April 15th!
Dave Ricapito, SJBC Heritage Reunion Committee

PS: We will have an extensive slideshow of old pictures, projected on the large white wall in the chapel following the service.  If you have any old pictures that you would like to be included in this slideshow, please scan and email them to in a JPEG format, or simply mail them to the church at 1232 Tasker Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148 by Easter Sunday April 1st.  We will return mailed photos to you on April 15th.